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Kestrel Tellevate Merger

Kestrel & Tellevate Announce Business Merger

We are excited to announce that Kestrel Management LLC (Kestrel) and Tellevate LLC (Tellevate) have merged to provide enhanced compliance...

NACD Annual Meeting 2019

2019 NACD Annual Meeting: Nov. 11-14, 2019

The NACD Annual Meeting is all about bringing together industry leaders to help better understand and address top challenges facing...

Food packaging

Compliance & Commissioning for Food-Grade Products

All materials that are part of the food supply chain, including food packaging and contact materials, can significantly influence food...

Federal agency seals

Partnering with Government Agencies to Manage Projects

From time to time, private businesses are faced with the prospect of partnering with a government agency, office, or department...

Biotech Manufacturing

How Do Business Processes Impact Waste Management?

Biotechnology Focus When it comes to digging deeper into your waste management efforts, it’s important to step back from the...

Audit checklist

Top 5 Critical Factors for Value-Added Auditing

Auditing is a management tool that can be used to evaluate and monitor the internal performance and compliance of your...