International Featured Standard (IFS)

International Featured Standard (IFS)

The International Featured Standard (IFS) for food  is a GFSI-recognized standard for auditing food safety and food product/process quality. IFS applies to suppliers across the food supply chain, subsequent to the agricultural stage (i.e., when products are processed or when there is a hazard for product contamination during primary packing).IFS certification monitors the quality of food producers, creates a uniform evaluation system for qualifying and selecting suppliers, and helps companies ensure the food safety of their products.

Uniform Evaluation System

Kestrel Tellevate works with food producers to meet the IFS requirements as they relate to quality management and HACCP systems. This includes:

  • Creating an integrated quality/food safety management system
  • Identifying compliance, certification, and legal requirements
  • Documenting any identified food safety hazards and their corresponding control measures (HACCP)
  • Incorporating applicable Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)/Good Hygiene Practices (GHPs)
  • Implementing business, organizational, and operational improvements, as needed

Key Benefits

IFS certification offers a number of key benefits to companies striving for excellence in quality, food safety, and customer satisfaction, including:

  • More consistent and efficient supply chain management
  • Increased customer, supplier, and consumer safety
  • Clear demonstration of commitments to food safety, quality, and legality
  • Defined opportunities for continual improvement