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24 Oct

Jaime Stout

SharePoint Specialist/Developer

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Areas of Expertise: SharePoint architecture, administration, and system design; project management, change management; workflow development; records management; corrective action tracking; training; database management

Education/Certifications: A.A. in Graphic Design, Art Institute of Atlanta

Jaime is an experienced Information Technology (IT) professional who excels at working with a range of business groups to create holistic IT solutions that create a more robust, streamlined, and efficient environment. She has over 15 years of experience analyzing and streamlining business processes, from operational needs to workflow and application needs.

Jaime excels at understanding and translating the unique complexities and languages of individual units to find common ground on projects. She is known for her ability to use and re-work existing resources and applications to create desired business solutions using limited resources. She has extensive project management experience and has been a successful change manager, migrating users to SharePoint and other web-based applications.

In addition, Jaime has broad experience in SharePoint architecture, administration, detailed programming, customized design work, and solution development. Some of her project highlights include the following:

  • Identified, designed, and implemented process improvement methods based on findings and data collected to bring a startup company to the next level as a production facility by not limiting the design scope to standard processes.
  • Designed a system using SharePoint and InfoPath to allow the company to become a paperless facility. This system tracks and manages all data, records, and documents in electronic form, while complying with regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Developed a records management protocol and procedure using SharePoint as its base for data collection and audit control. Operational systems included document management, corrective actions and issue management tracking, and training reporting.
  • Developed document control processes and procedures, including the design and implementation of a smart numbering system.
  • Served as internal SharePoint business expert, responsible for the design, development, implementation, support, and training for over 200 SharePoint sites and applications, including:
    • Custom records management system for tracking payment/disbursement requests.
    • Online sales planning tool designed to capture sales data and provide consolidated reporting to management.
    • Marketing resource center that allows team members to request, download, and track various marketing resources and includes a custom incident management application.
    • Universal database for tracking interactions in the field and time spent on customers, and for providing consolidated reporting to senior management.
  • Managed, designed, and built a new internet site to consolidate over 40 unique sites for maintaining brand, online standards, and security requirements for various product lines.
  • Designed training manuals.

Jaime is skilled at working between IT teams and business units, using communication that is easily understood by both. Further, her previous experience as a graphic designer lends a unique ability to use a combination of visual communication and technology to resolve many unique business challenges.